So, You’re Considering Investing in Guarda Security Screens for your Residential Home or Commercial Business

We all understand the importance of protecting our family, home, possessions and the business we own. Did you know that Las Vegas, Nevada violent crime is 147% higher than the national average? As a citizen of this great city, I was shocked. The overall crime rate, which includes property, violent and non-violent crimes is 37% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 10.73 daily crimes that occur in Las Vegas, Nevada. While living here you have a 1 in 26 chance of becoming the victim of a crime and the number of total year over year crime has increased by 4%.

While these statistics can be unnerving, we have a practical solution that will help to give you peace of mind. Guarda Security Screens are the ultimate criminal deterrent. We have a line of finely crafted and beautiful solutions for your home or commercial business’s security. While our Guarda Security Screens won’t take the place of a traditional alarm system, they are the defensive solution or shield that will keep the bad guys out. It’s what we like to call security stacking, when you utilize a traditional alarm system coupled with a Guarda Security Screen installation. It’s a solution that every criminal will fear. On average, it takes police and emergency responders around 10 minutes to respond once an individual has called 911. While 10 minutes doesn’t seem like that long, what about when it comes to your family’s safety? When you have Guarda Security Screens installed, the chances of a criminal ever gaining entry to your home is highly unlikely.