Burglary & Home Invasion Can Happen – Protect Your Home With Security Screens

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Is your residential home secure? Is your family safe from domestic burglaries and home invasion? If not, they can be with A Cutting Edge Glass & Security Screens.

Just within the past seven days, there’s been a total of 320 burglaries here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even we were surprised with the results we obtained through Having a traditional alarm system installed in your home isn’t enough these days. Sure, alarm systems are great for alerting the authorities in case of an emergency, but when it comes to keeping the criminals out, a traditional home security system falls short of its mark. Almost every time. Here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Security Screens, we offer real solutions for fending off an increasing criminal threat. If you would like to prevent burglaries and home invasions, keep reading because we have a functional, and affordable solution for you.

If your neighborhood has recently been the target of home burglaries and or invasions, give us a call today to speak with one of our home security screen specialists. Our security products were designed to keep criminals and home invaders out.

We live in a city where the average police response time is laughable. Traditional home security systems offer zero protection or actual security. Traditional home security systems tend to have one gaping flaw. They rely upon the response time of our local emergency services. In a situation where seconds count, our Police are responding far too late to the scene. It doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s not their fault though; our City needs more Police officers. We have the preventative solutions you need to keep your family and your possessions safe.

Want to learn more about A Cutting Edge Glass & Security Screens? Give us a call today to schedule an on-site consultation. Our home security specialists can educate you in the art of preventative security measures. We guarantee peace of mind with every security screen installation. Give us a call, today!